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My sincerest thanks and gratitude to Dr. Fontaine and his team, Dr. Maldonado, Dr. Hernandez and Joe Garrett for preparing me mentally and physically for my Esophagectomy. From the first appointment I was explained fully of what to expect and thru my surgery and recovery they were exceptional in communication and guidance thru all of the processes. I an delighted to say that I had no complications after my surgery and presently all the cancer has been removed. Trust in these fine people and know that you will be receiving the absolute best care. Thank you for having the desire to care and heel, you all have been a true blessing in my life.

Gary S, Naples

Dr. Fontaine and his staff at Moffitt Cancer center are the best in the southeast. Feb. 3,2017 I had a endoscopy and was told I had esophageal cancer. After meeting with a local oncologist she told my wife and I the most important part in my beating this cancer is a positive attitude and the best surgeon we can find. After a lot of prayer I came to the conclusion God had set me on this path for a reason. I asked Him to make it easy so I knew where to go. A few days later my wife was researching caner centers in the southeast, and some were going to take two to four weeks to approve my insurance.That afternoon my wife called Moffitt cancer center and they approved my insurance while she was on the phone. Appointments were made with the Moffitt and a couple of days later Dr. Fontaine called me at home to discus where I was in treatment, he also worked with my local oncologist for my treatment. After chemo and radiation I was given a few weeks to get my strength back.On July 25,2017 I returned to Moffitt Cancer center where Dr. Fontaine and his staff performed an esophagectomy. No live cancer was found in anything removed and now I am considered cancer free. Thank you Dr. Fontaine and your staff.

Jerry G, Toccoa

I truly cannot thank Dr. Fontaine enough for giving me a second chance at life. When I was diagnosed with lung cancer, I was told my cancer was inoperable. After having radiation and chemotherapy, the tumor was reduced in size and intensity, but still cancerous. Other doctors told me it was in a bad location and surgery was not an option. When I met Dr. Fontaine he explained to me that he could remove my right lung and that was my best chance to be cancer free. He explained in detail what the risks were and what I could do to minimize them. He was honest and through. He provided me with a detailed description of what the surgery would entail and what I could expect afterwards. Despite the seriousness of the surgery, I felt that I was in very capable hands. His staff was incredible as well. The care I received from everyone who worked with him was excellent. They were not only highly skilled medical professionals, but caring and compassionate as well. Dr. Fontaine removed 18 lymph nodes that were all clear of cancer. Had I not met this brilliant surgeon, my cancer would have continued to spread to those lymph nodes and beyond. Today, I am cancer free. I hope that my story might help someone else who has been told surgery is not an option or is afraid of surgery in general, because only such a highly skilled, specialized surgeon could have performed my surgery and had such spectacular results. To be active again and cancer free is truly amazing!

Anita B, Melbourne

Thank you for saving my life.

Carolyn S, Saint Petersburg

Dr. Fontaine is a life saver! As a patient and physician myself, I have never met a doctor as adept at explaining the intricate technical aspects of a major operation while sensing and addressing the emotional needs of family and friends. I felt very prepared for my surgery: he did not shy away from a detailed description of my procedure and was forthcoming with all the potential risks and side effects. I visited several other comprehensive cancer centers throughout the nation and discussed my case with other well-recognized physicians; I chose Dr. Fontaine because of his highly-regarded skill, excellent post-operative care, and the wonderful sense of ease that he cultivated during our visits. Exceeding his fantastic reputation, Dr. Fontaine’s bedside manner was warm, his pre-op and post-op care thorough, and his technical skill impeccable. He was incredibly gracious with his time in every interaction. He expedited my remaining workup and was easy to contact with any questions. His nursing staff and front desk made it easy to schedule appointments and simple to communicate concerns. He was highly communicative with my family immediately after the procedure and was available to them many times in the days that followed. The inpatient care was top-notch and my recovery was a breeze because of his attention and the efforts of all the Moffitt team. I would recommended my own family and friends to his care with great confidence.

Alexander E, Tampa

Dr. Fontaine: There is little I can do or say to express the gratitude of me, my wife, our children and grandchildren for literally not only saving my life, but extending my life as well. In September of 2015, I was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer. I was told at that time, my illness was incurable with no chance of surgery. My oncologist in Boca Raton, immediately started me on the strongest chemo he could prescribe, after which came 28 sessions of radiation and three more sessions of chemo. To make a long story short, another pet scan showed no signs of spreading and all tests were coming back good. My Oncologist called my family and I to his office and recommend I travel to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa to meet with Dr. Jacques Fontaine. I made an appointment and had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Fontaine and others and after going over my history, and examining me, he told me I was a candidate for surgery - something called an "esophagectomy". He gave my wife and I a thorough explanation of what the procedure would involve, and I have to say, it scared me to death. At this time, I was feeling good, eating well and gaining weight, so we returned to Boca Raton to think about it. We returned to Moffitt once more about a month later and met with Dr. Fontaine again and this time with Dr. Harris - who performed an endoscopy and told me the only chance I had for a cure was the surgery. Dr. Fontaine explained that he could not perform robotic surgery because of scar tissue resulting from the previous radiation treatment and he would have to make several incisions to complete the surgery. My family and I spent many hours talking about whether or not to have this done, and finally the decision was made to go ahead with the surgery. The surgery was performed at Moffitt on November 10th. 2016 and lasted almost nine hours. I spent ten days in the hospital with my wife and children at my side. Dr. Fontaine came in everyday to check on my along with a team of Drs. he was teaching. I was discharged from the hospital on November 19th. and went home to Boca Raton with a feeding tube inserted in my stomach area. We went back to Moffitt to see Dr. Fontaine approximately two weeks later to remove the staples at which time we were told by Dr. Fontaine that he had removed 23 lymph nodes and that all 23 had come back clear. He went on to tell me I was in fact Cancer free and now to enjoy our life together - more than 50 years. Today is March 8th and I had the pure pleasure of visiting Dr. Fontaine once more to remove the feeding tube. To Dr. Fontaine, and the Nurses who watched over me. You all saved my life through your skill, knowledge and dedication. You are truly a miracle worker Dr. Fontaine and GOD recognizes your skill and dedication as well. There is little else I can say, but I hope my story will help others who may be in a similar situation. I would encourage everyone to meet Dr. Fontaine and place your trust in him. Not only is he e skilled surgeon, he is Blessed. God Bless You Dr; Fontaine and everyone at Moffitt Cancer Center. With much love and respect - Bob and Marie Tauber and family

Robert T, Boca Raton, FL

I had an appointment on Wednesday, January 11, 2017 with Dr. Fontaine. Imagine my surprise when I received a call from him at my office two days prior. He wanted to introduce himself, talk about the operation and most importantly he wanted to know what questions I might have. What a comfortable and reassuring feeling I had after that conversation. On Wednesday, both my wife and I met with Dr. Fontaine and some of this team, and he sat and explained the entire procedure to both of us and again asked if we had any questions. I had the surgery the following morning, and after the surgery, Dr. Fontaine met with my wife and daughter, who drove up from Ft. Myers that morning. Even after 8 hours of surgery, he sat down and explained the whole procedure to my daughter so that she I would know what I had been through. He is an amazing doctor with outstanding bedside manners and treats each patient as if they are his ONLY patient.

Francis R, Fort Myers, FL

I brought my husband to see Dr. Fontaine for a second opinion regarding his lung cancer. Dr. Fontaine took the time to review all our records and explain his situation in detail and in a manner that we could understand things very clearly. It was clearly evident that he is very knowledgeable and an expert in his field. Dr. Fontaine performed his surgery, which we were told by my husband's other doctors was not possible. His team at Moffitt Cancer Center provided us excellent care, and we are very grateful.

Kim B, Tampa

Dr. Fontaine does a tremendous job of helping mesothelioma patients and their families get the best treatment options and care.

Jose O, Orlando, FL

My husband Anton Zeman had surgery by Dr. Fontaine for esophageal cancer almost two years ago at age 84. He is doing outstandingly well. After being treated with chemo and radiation, his cancer had returned. Surgery was then recommended. His surgery went very well. At this time, he is still cancer free. We were blessed to find this excellent surgeon. We are so grateful. Thank you, Dr Fontaine.

Anton Z, Naples, FL

Dr. Fontaine is a great surgeon! He and his staff (especially Joe Garrett), provide outstanding care to their patients. I am so fortunate that I had Dr. Fontaine as my surgeon and the Moffitt team for my post-operative care.

Nan W, Aventura, FL

Dr. Fontaine saved my husband's life, and I will be forever grateful. Dr. Fontaine is the best in his field, and I can't say enough about this wonderful man!

Carole L, Vero Beach, FL

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